BC Liquor Sales Analysis: Beer 2016-2023

liquor stats

John Yuill


March 26, 2024


June 8, 2024

# function for determining how many complete yrs of data, used in 
fn_yr_qtr <- function(data) {
  # create variable to identify/remove partial yrs by counting qtrs and select yrs with 4
  yr_qtr <- data %>% group_by(year, qtr) %>% summarize(count=1)
  yr_qtr <- yr_qtr %>% group_by(year) %>% summarize(count=n()) %>% filter(count==4)
  data_cy <- data %>% filter(year %in% yr_qtr$year)
lmr_data_cy <- fn_yr_qtr(lmr_data)

This is a continuation of a previous analysis of annual liquor sales in British Columbia and quarter-of-year patterns in BC liquor sales, based on data from British Columbia Liquor Distribution BoardLiquor Market Review’. The Liquor Market Review is released on a quarterly basis, covering dollar and litre sales across major alcoholic beverage categories: here we focus on BEER!

Data shown here goes back to beginning of 2016 (BC LDB fiscal yr 2016 Q4).

As mentioned in previous articles: my expertise is in data analysis, not the liquor industry, so the emphasis is on exploring what the data can tell us. Industry-insider context may be lacking. In the interest of promoting data analysis and learning, I am sharing most of the R code used to process the data - hence the expandable ‘Code’ options.